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Keeping Fit for the Beach and the Ski Slopes – Treadmill or Ski Machine

Best treadmill for home Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean a healthy body won’t come in handy. Whether you plan on frolicking on the beach or hitting the slopes, being in shape will not only make you look better, it will help you enjoy the experience more. So if you have a vacation on the horizon that involves either snow covered slopes or sandy shores, consider the following tips for getting in shape.


Not enough emphasis can be placed on the need for solid cardio if you plan on running along the beach or carving up a mountain. The beach can be a deceptively challenging location, but run along it for a few minutes and you’ll instantly realize how much more it will demand of your muscles than typical terrain. Of course, ski slopes aren’t going to let you off easy, either.

Cardio is key to enjoying these activities. No matter how much fun you’re having, if you can’t get the oxygen you need, your joy will be short-lived.

One of the best ways to train for this eventuality is to spend some time on a treadmill. Actually, some of the best treadmills out there right now are Sole Treadmills, such as the popular Sole F63, which will make it easy to push yourself while still taking it easy on your joints.

Ski Machines are also a great option, these however are more expensive than treadmills, and the goal is to strengthen the heart.


Plyometrics are always a great option to work in to your fitness routine. For one thing, you’ll definitely feel the benefits it will bring to your cardio. However, it’s also one of the best ways for training fast twitch muscles. These are the types of muscles you need for repetitive movements like running along the beach or changing direction on a slope.

However, as WebMD points out, one of the best benefits of plyometrics is how much it does for your coordination, balance and even for protecting your joints. So not only will plyometrics get you in better shape for your vacation activities, far more important is that it will help keep you injury-free.

Build Muscle

Muscle will come in handy in more than one way whether you plan on skiing, swimming or just running across the sand. Of course, it will also go a long way in helping you look and feel better, too.

If you already keep a normal fitness routine that’s been working for you, simply add 500 more calories to your diet, making sure most of it comes from clean protein like chicken. You’d be surprised how much those extra resources will do for your muscles.

Additional muscle can also give you:

  • An increased metabolism
  • Help with chronic back pain and other versions (especially helpful if you plan on rigorous activities like skiing)
  • Added bone density

Those who aren’t currently lifting weights as part of their routine should begin doing so now to pack more muscle on their frame.

Keeping in shape for the beach or ski slopes doesn’t have to mean that life away from these locations is spent in boot camp. The above pieces of advice are easy enough to implement, yet will result in a better body and more fun in the sun and on the snow.