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How to Train Before Joining a Running Club

Running Club TrainingHow to Train Before Joining a Running Club

There’s no doubt that running is one of the best forms of exercise you can practice. You can get even greater results, too, by joining a running club, where you’ll encounter plenty of free advice and moral support. However, before you do, you’ll want to make sure you train up to that level, in order to get the most from the experience.

Train Up to the Level of the Club

All running clubs vary and there is no one standard in terms of:

  • Size
  • Distance they run
  • Regularity with which they meet
  • Number of members

So before you begin training, research potential clubs in your area you may want to join.

Once you have one in mind, be sure you can handle the distances they like to cover. If they have a website or social media group, they might even expound on how long it generally takes them to complete that distance.

Just as all clubs vary, all runners within the club will, too. As Running for Fitness points out, most members will be there to get in shape and relieve some stress. Only a few will be there for competitive reasons.

So before you join a club, simply make sure you can handle their normal distance in one attempt without suffering any side effects afterward.

Try Out Their Terrain

You should also be able to research where they typically run. While most may stick to local sidewalks or park paths, others might wander off to more adventurous terrain. Even if you can run the same distance as the club, if you’re not use to the same inclines and terrain they are, you’ll suffer at the beginning.

Unique terrain is a great way to mix up your routine and keep things interesting, while getting in even better shape. So welcome this opportunity.

Run a Lot

Running Club AdviceThis may seem like simple advice, but running clubs may not necessarily be for beginners. On the one hand, it will provide you immediate moral support, which may play a key role in keeping you motivated early on. The added accountability may help you stay on course, too.

On the other hand, if you’re not up to running regularly, you should consider working your way up to that point. Once you’re able to run with the same regularity as the running club you plan on joining, you’ll be able to get the most from it by showing up to each meet.

Keep in mind you don’t have to show up each time ready to come out in first. It’s just easy to get discouraged if you go intermittently, which makes giving up easier.

Join Before You’re Ready

Although it’s helpful to train up your abilities before joining a running club, most members warn hopefuls from letting this idea become an obstacle. If you’re nervous or discouraged, for whatever reason, you’ll constantly look for reasons not to join and run along. So once you meet the above criteria, join up and start running.

You have all the time in the world to join a running club, but the benefits they can bring make it something you should do sooner rather than later. Start by training up to the challenge and then immediately begin.


Can You Still Be Fit While on Holiday?

Beach Boot CampCountless people start diet plans every single day. For the most part, many even stick with them for a good period of time. However, there’s always something that can throw a wrench into things and, for many people, that hurdle is going on holiday. Is it possible to stay fit while on holiday enjoying oneself? Of course! Just do the following.

Don’t Indulge Until the Holiday Starts

Fitness on HoldiayBeing that you’re on holiday, it’s ok to have a couple treats you’ve been putting off. After all, you’ve earned them. However, make sure you hold off until the actual holiday. Most of us get to the airport hours before our flight actually takes off. This gives us plenty of time to build up an appetite and satisfy it with all kinds of unhealthy solutions. As Men’s Health points out, it’s not like the airport is known for its selection of wholesome foods.

Although you might not think you could do a lot of damage in just the hour or so you spend waiting for your flight, it’s an unnecessary indulgence, compared to the types you’ll welcome on vacation. Plus, it’s just a bad foot on which to begin your vacation.

Start Early

Beach FitnessEven though you’re on holiday, try your best to get up early. Sleeping in is all well and good, but getting up early will give you time to get a quick workout in while everyone else is still asleep and the temptations of the day haven’t begun.

You can still find ways to make this morning workout unique and enjoyable. If you’re vacationing by a beach, take a run on it. Otherwise, go explore a new neighborhood or the downtown area. The best treadmills in the world can’t compare to that type of experience.

Walk Around

Depending on your vacation destination, you probably have a lot of sights you want to take in. You can see these amazing locations and burn calories if you work through your list on foot, as much as possible. Just make sure you:

  • Pack a comfortable pair of walking shoes and some reliable socks
  • Know where you’re headed
  • Bring plenty of water, depending on the climate

Then simply plan your route beforehand. Aside from working off some calories, this tip may also reward you with parts of the area you would’ve never seen before.

Make Fitness a Part of It

Some of us have a hard time going on vacation once we’ve been in workout mode for a while. This can often put an end to our planning efforts before they even begin. One way to get your conscience on board is by finding a fitness event you can plan your trip around or otherwise incorporate into your vacation.

Is there a 5k going on at the time? Some tourist locations have challenging hiking trails in the area that provide you with breathtaking views along the way as well.

Just because you’re taking a vacation doesn’t mean you have to take a break from your fitness routine. While it’s important you enjoy yourself, consider the above options for keeping yourself on track for your healthy goals as well.


Eat, Sleep, Lift: How Can I Devote all My Time to Working Out?

Some people look for easy shortcuts to getting a better body. Others, however, want to dedicate their life to the pursuit. If the latter sounds like you, here’s how you can devote all your time to working out.


Warm up for exerciseEven if your fitness goal is to pack on as much solid muscle as possible, cardio is not necessarily your enemy. It will still help to burn fat and keep you coordinated.  WebMD also points out that it reduces your chances of heart disease, which is one of the biggest killers out there. Cardio does this by improving:

  • Heart functions
  • Muscle mass
  • Overall cholesterol and levels of triglycerides

Furthermore, cardio reduces your risk of getting osteoporosis.

Yet, cardio is one of the easiest components to implement in your workout regimen. Simply buy a comfortable pair of shoes and go running. Better still, Sole Fitness Treadmills offers a number of options that allow you to safely get your cardio at home. Check Sole Treadmill reviews and you’ll see that Sole is one of the top manufacturers in particular the Sole F63.

Enlist a Friend

Nothing will help you achieve a lifestyle that revolves around working out like having a friend along for the ride. Moral support will help you get out of bed in the morning for that jog or hit the gym after work when you feel beat. Friends are also great for holding you accountable, which is the other side of the coin.

Having a friend to work out with also means you’ll always have a spotter and someone to watch your form. This is key to avoiding injuries.

Eight Hours, Uninterrupted Sleep

Sleep improves fitness recoveryDespite the fact that everyone cites eight hours as the magical amount you need for sleeping, the truth is your real requirements are actually unique. However, give yourself eight hours anyway, just in case you need it. When you start working out more and more, it’s not unrealistic to think your body will need more rest, anyway.

To ensure you get the sleep you need, be sure you sleep in a room that is pitch black. So replace your drapes if it means getting fabric thick enough to block out any outside light. Also, no falling asleep to your favorite televisions shows. Remove the thing altogether.

Without enough sleep, you simply won’t be able to work out. The times you do, your results will be lackluster at best and put you at risk for injury, which will really impede your performance.

Walk Everywhere

Get used to walking more and more. Whenever you’re within a few miles of your destination, walk there instead of driving. People don’t often think of walking as important for getting in shape, but it can make all the difference. It’s a great way to get more sun, add some muscle and boost your metabolism.

Split Up Your Meals

If you want to dedicate all your time to working out, that will require you to clean up your diet. It will also mean changing the way you eat altogether. Break up your three normal meals into five or six smaller, healthier ones. This will keep your metabolism burning throughout the day and keep you from getting hungry.

Dedicating time to working out isn’t easy, but it’s far from impossible. Make the above advice a part of your life and you’ll be on the right path.